Society has placed a great deal of social and cultural importance on hair and hairstyles. Unfortunately, many conditions, diseases and improper hair care result in excessive hair loss. People who notice their hair shedding in large amounts after combing or brushing, or hair becomes thinner or falls out, should consult a dermatologist. With correct diagnosis, many people with hair loss can be helped.Some typical causes of hair loss are: using chemical treatments on their hair, including dyes, tints, bleaches, straighteners and permanent waves. Hairstyles that pull on the hair, like ponytails and braids, should not be pulled tightly and should be alternated with looser hairstyles. Shampooing, combing and brushing too often can also damage hair by causing it to break.

Hereditary thinning or balding is the most common cause of hair loss. Other causes may include childbirth, high fever, severe infections, severe flu, inadequate protein in diet, medications, cancer treatments, birth control pills, low serum iron, major surgery, chronic illness, stressful event, fungus infection (ringworm of the scalp) and/or hair pulling.

If you are experiencing thinning, balding or hair loss consult your dermatologist who will diagnosis the cause and prescribe a treatment best suited to your condition.

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